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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dog Doo Rant Rededication

22nd Street switchback at Collingwood St., in ...Image via WikipediaI was reading Noe Valley 2010: Year in Review and got my religion back.  At the very end of the 2010 recap, I got reminded and reinvigorated about why I'm even bothering to blog about poo.  The review mentions "Dogs" as one of many subjects in the Noe Valley lively debates.

More specifically, it's a reference to:  Reader Rant: Dogs Need Places To Poo, Too

, , , with a wonderful accompanying photo:   sign_attention_dog_owners.jpg

Just start reading that rant, and you'll start steaming too (Nota Bene:  there's a reference to 'steaming' in the that rant).

Cheers to 2011, and more jeers from this blogger.

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