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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Favorite 2 Things To Loathe - Dog Poop and Cigarettes

Dog poop and cigarette butts in the Castro, San Francisco CA, 94114
The neighborhood standard has really gone down hill. In just one picture, you see two things that I really hate: 1) dog poop, and 2) cigarettes, more specifically, the cigarette butts that blow down the hill, literally down hill.

The stuff magically appears. What do people do? Do they watch us go by, then run out with their dogs and cigarettes?!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Acrobatic Dog Poop

Dog Poo on raised curb - Castro, 17th St & Corbett Avenue Mini-Park, San Francisco CA, 94114
A sight I've never seen before.

Apparently a tightrope-walking dog left this one behind.  Let me describe. The poo is sitting on what is essentially a raised concrete curb, that is the foundation for a steel hand-railing (you can see one of the posts).

I wish the owner was athletic enough to bend down and scoop the doo.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

ASPCA Kids - Cleaning Up After Your Dog (video)

I'm pleased to see that there's educational material aimed at children, so that they grow up to be responsible dog poop picker-uppers.  Enjoy this lighthearted cartoon:

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dog Poop As Fertilizer - Controversy

Dog poo under a tree - Castro, San Francisco, CA 94114
OK. Does anyone out there know the definitive answer?

With all the doo doo sitting at the foot of trees, I ask myself this question:

Is dog poop good or bad for trees?
There seem to be myriad answers on the internet, but nothing that feels to be the absolute answer. The closest I've seen is this, Will dog stool work as a fertilizer just like cow manure? The suggested answer is no, because dog doo doesn't have enough plant material in it, and it needs to be composted first.

Are there any experts out there that can help answer this question?

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sidewalk Doggy Diarrhea - Caught In The Act

Dog Diarrhea Smear on Sidewalk - Castro, San Francisco CA, 94114
Major ewwwww! 

I was walking home from work tonight, just minding my own business . . . and scanning for things to blog about. I noticed that there was a dog and owner about a block ahead, and that they hadn't moved for awhile. It appeared that the owner was waiting on the dog, and picking up after it.

I kept walking and stopped to take this picture. This is an award-winning smear, a remnant of a valiant dog owner trying to clean up after doggy diarrhea. I was immediately repulsed at what I saw, and a wee bit happy to add a photo to my portfolio.

... and then I kept walking, and in a few steps caught up to the dog and owner. It felt as if I had chased them off. In retrospect, I think I really did.  The owner had tried his best to clean up after diarrhea dog, and I chased him off while he was trying to scoop up smear #2.  I felt embarrassed for the owner.  He tried his best to clean up two smears, saw me coming and taking pictures, and ran off in shame.

I'm sympathetic, and I have to keep reminding myself why I don't own a dog.  Bottomline, there's diarrhea on the sidewalk!!!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

To Owner Of Black Dog Poop - Get Your Dog To The Vet

Presumably bloody black dog crap - Near 17th and Market Streets, San Francisco CA, 94114
Dear Dog Owner,

Your dog's crap is gross! It's black, and there are multiple dumps all over the place around 17th and Market streets. If you care about your dog, you'll take it to the vet. A common cause of black stool is intestinal bleeding.

Stop leaving your dog's crap around, and take the dog to the vet, please!

Hey poo fighters, if you see this black mess in real time, please comment and report what the dog looks like, so that we can monitor the owner.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fun Doo Haiku

Dog's rear end - Castro, San Francisco CA, 94114
Ok, I just had to chuckle when I saw these.  My hat's off to the Contra Costa Times and Inside Bay Area.

Winners in the Pet Peeve Haiku Challenge
Runners Up in the Pet Peeve Haiku Challenge

Here are my favorites of the bunch:
Ahead in the park
Lady and her French poodle.
On my shoe, dog poo.
— Alan Thompson, Walnut Creek
Left behind dog poo —
The pet doesn't know better
but his owner does.
— Sandy King
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Golfing Dog Doo

Golf, a dexterity sport.Image via Wikipedia
We went golfing yesterday (Golden Gate Park Golf Course). Usually it's a relaxing, enjoyable walk . . . but watch out for that dog poop! Hello! Was that dog playing golf too?!

Come on!!! Here's what I'm guessing are the possible scenarios:
  1. Golfer with pet dog tagging along.
  2. In over 1,000 acres of Golden Gate Park, there was no acceptable place for the dog to go, other than the golf course. 
  3. Dog owner hates golfers and decided to leave a gift
  4. Do you have any other ideas?
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